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What Is Web 2.0 Web Design?

Perhaps there is No Web 2.0 design and there is a good reason! Web 2.0 is a concept or a timeframe like the 70s, 80s, 90s. During that time, different “moods” can be felt, different things seen, worn, fashion, music…. when we think of the 60s, we think the Beatles as compared to the 70s. [...]



This is a product by our sister company, please check it out. Create engaging presentations via infographics and tell your stories out of data!


Penn-Olson is one of Asia’s largest tech blogs. We do minor updates for them!

Penang Youth

Ultra social platform for Penang Youth aiming to take over youths in the world- be in touch!

Infographics Help to Improve Your Presentation


Infographics are graphic visual representations of data, information or knowledge such as maps, graphs, charts, shapes, venn diagrams, timeline and others. Infographics actually help to communicate complex information quickly and clearly to readers. Readers understand the complex information as fast as they can. This is because infographics are straight to the point, usually factually interesting [...]