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3 Common Ways of Building Effective Links

  • yas_admin
  • May 26th, 2011
  • SEO

If you are great at photography, ensure that they are tagged properly. “It is astounding how many people come to this website because of the images I randomly snapped on my DSLR.” Well it is an investment and as long as they fit the profile, you technically contain a picture dictionary.

Link building

Become an encyclopaedia.

If you are already always commenting on random forums such as Tripadvisor, and lots more forums, then why not direct the energy and spend more time at building links with quality content. When you comment on a blog, spend just an extra few minutes (to an hour) to construct a blog post to debate the point that the author just made. Of course, if you turn your entire blog to support/debate someone else’s point of view, that is a very new thing.

Read content and spin it off into something else.

This has been done successfully in the form of infographics- have any idea how viral they become? For those which hit the topics on the right spot as well as complimented by the right graphics and readability, become hugely popular.

Keep linking out.

You give in order to receive. This is according to a very interesting blog post I am reading and it claims so. Check out the results.

If all fails, and we are taking a short cut here,

read on for another 30 more ways of link building in 2011.

Let us know what else do you practise for your link-building efforts